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Grand Closing Jan. 17th at 7pm
Welcome to the New "Girl Let's Go!"
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Dear Ladies,

It has been nice. I thank God for this vision. I have been blessed to turn my own personal weight loss journey into a motivational and inspirational platform that has changed many lives of so many. The encouraging words and inspiration just keep flooding in. Thank you!

For those of you who have been coming to class, you know that this announcement comes to no surprise, but the time has come for me to attend to my personal situation. With the greatest sadness, we will have our Grand Closing party at 7pm on January 17th, 2015. I ask that you come out and show your Sweaxy Spirit by wearing your Ladies Room Get Sweaxy T-Shirt and attire. Since our introduction to the Douglasville Community, our grand opening, grand re-opening, ribbon cutting, and anniversary were all setback by trial and tribulations so I feel that this is long over-due. I would love it if each of you can find it in your hearts to make it to this celebration. We did that!!!​

What's In the Horizon?

​The Ladies Room primary location will close, but the spirit of working out, movement, sisterhood, entertainment, and fun will carry on through our lovely instructors and Girl Let's Go! Travel & Entertainment Co.

Girl Let's Go! will be your guide and locator to continuous drop-in classes such as Hip Hop, Zumba, Bokwa, Step, and Dance Nvy Exotic Fitness offered by your instructors at various locations in Douglasville and Lithia Springs area. At the moment we have some classes that will be held at Hunter Park, as well as a possible class or two at Jessie Davis. Please stay tuned for dates and times!

We also look to meet up with you again during the warmer months and host workout camps and classes just like we did at Stuart Middle School track during Spirit Week.

As well, Girl Let's Go will act as your travel coordinator connecting you to entertainment and voyages both local, foreign, and domestic. We are still on for our Jamakin' Me Sweaxy Cruise in October, so stay tuned for that information, and we have a few fitness excursions planned around Douglasville so stay tuned! The Girl Let's Go! website will be fully complete and operational by January 31, 2015. All future communication from this email account will be sent by Girl Let's Go.

I've personally asked that my all-star instructors come and go out with a bang with us. From my founding sister Tyfani Downs-Carrington (Zumba) to your current and visiting instructors Summer Forman of Glitter's Fitness Studio & Lisette Boyd of Fyah Fit Caribbean Fusion. We're going to make this a night to remember can you make it?
Classes will die down at The Ladies Room closing out the month of January. As published in our policy and release form in regards to the event of closing or extended delay of classes in a months period, Our obligation to offer at least 10 classes in any month of closing has been fulfilled.  All Drafts have stopped as of 1/13//2015 and will absorb closing costs. The value of each $25 MEMBERSHIP is equal to five group fitness classes whether used or not.You are welcome to continue classes as long as we have them scheduled.  Refer to online schedule. If you purchased a ticket (Merry Christmas, 5 for $10, or 10 for $15, you may use your ticket up until our final day of class) If you purchased a voucher from a third party you will need to contact your issuing company. 
The Epic Grand Closing Party!
Jan Memberships:
Following Your Instructors:
Each instructor has made personal choices as to whether or not they will continue offering classes.

Their listing(s): Time, Date, and Location will be found on our Girl Let's Go! Page.

Emails will continue to be sent to you from Girl Let's Go to keep you up-to-date on the local happenings, deals, credits, and incentives to keep you pushing towards your goals. Please keep in mind that these instructors are under new contracts at their locations and may or may not be willing/able to acknowledge your GetSweaxy Credit (if any.)

Please add the following information to your social accounts:

Tranette Carr: 
Business Name: Dance Nvy
New Location: To Be Announced
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DANCE-NVY/649950991780620?sk=info&tab=page_info

Joi Jamison
New Class: Location: Hunger Park Douglasville
Class: Hip Hop at 7:30p Mondays

All others to be announced, Stay Tuned

Special Thank You:
Not only has God Blessed me with this very amazing vision, but the tools, resources and sisterhood support to carry it into fruition. May I take a moment to acknowledge:

My First Business Partner - Mrs. Tyfani Downs-Carrington, thank you for first believing in this vision, a mere business plan...."a penny, a prayer, and a promise"....that's all we came into this with, but left with an extraordinary relationship that cannot be broken.
My Sister - Fhateesha Counts, my thank you is in debt to the tremendous support and encouragement you gave me over the years. from making up my very first routine to the right here, right now.
My Sister - Michelle Collier - Coming in at the brink and dedicating yourself never asking for more than to be a part of the bigger picture. I am forever grateful and in debt to your selflessness. My longest active instructor...thank you for rending your support solid as a rock. 
My Sister - Angel "Sweet Cheeks" - Member turned divine sister, supporter, shoulder to cry on and smile. You and I created the first Sisterhood Membership Trio at The Ladies Room, a family that has spread like wildfire. Oh' we did that.
My Sister: Felicia Christian - The first time visitor, turned first Sister, turned instructor, turned inspirational torch and visionary aspiring to open The Ladies Room, Virginia....I can't wait to come out and launch with you. Let's Do This!
My Sister Joi Jamison - From sitting on my couch with my business plan to coming onto the floor and fulfilling the Make ISeductively Sweaxy (M.I.S.S.) Conduct movement to taking on the role as believing partner. I have been truly blessed to work beside you and learn from you. You are amazing.
My Sister Tranette Carr - the girl that came in and moved so "Enviously" I couldn't help but name NvUs. Thank you for your sharing your talent, support, and secrets with us. You are phenomenal.
My Sister Andrea - Coming way from Atlanta, believing in the mission and vision as the fueling spirit to see it through, I thank you for your dedication, selflessness, and contribution. 
My Sister Sher Harris - Thank you for bringing the vision of praise fitness alive. Also for you season contribution as standing partner. Thank you for your wisdom, knowledge and alignment to this vision.
My Sister Katrina Harley - Something about us Girl, you are among the longest standing instructors at The Ladies Room, through each triumph you were always there to give the extra push and energy.
My Sister Nicolosa - Member turned instructor and sister indeed. Thank you for extending your friendship beyond your membership. I truly needed that.
My Sister Amelia Reese - The baby of the group, one of the longest members who always went above and beyond to help me behind the desk, on the floor, in my absence and in the present.
To My Sister Members at The Ladies Room both old, new, and even the ones till procrastinating about when they're gonna come check us out (smile), I thank you for your patronage and support. Many of you extended yourself beyond your memberships, assisting at events, parades, preparations, and so much more. Its 1:41am, so I know I'm missing a a thousand name, but know that I love you all the same.

Most Sincerely,

The Get Sweaxy Facebook account will continue to deliver inspiration quotes, facts and instructor information. 

Have Questions?
Our website (www.getsweaxy.com) has been updated to address all common questions and concerns. All emails that are received with inquiries where the information is answered on the website will not be replied.

Personal Thank You!
Thank you all for making this such an amazing experience! From my personal weight loss journey to yours - you can do this, let nothing stop you! Not even this...

My Own Personal Weight Loss Journey That Influenced The Ladies Room:
https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=430150563698572 - I hope it inspires you to keep going!

Most Sincerely,
Timmesha Rogers
***Please wear your sweaxy shirts! This is a spirit party, please wear your Sweaxy Shirts! The Party is Free for All paid members wearing their Sweaxy Shirts and $10 for non-members or without their shirts. We will have some legacy shirts available for purchase.